Classroom Learning


The curriculum is delivered through a combination of generalist (class teacher) and specialist teachers.

Every student has a homeroom, with a homeroom teacher and a syndicate team which they belong to. The curriculum is taught by the homeroom teacher and this includes:

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • PE and Health

  • Project Based Inquiry Learning

  • Performing Arts

EBIS encourages deep learning through concepts based on the future focuses from the NZ Curriculum.

Each concept encompasses the essential learning areas of Science, Social Sciences, Health, Technology and the Arts with literacy underpinning all activities. Numeracy and literacy skills are also taught independently and are the foundation of most of the teaching and learning at EBIS.

EBIS Inquiry Learning enables students to become responsible, self-directed, and life-long learners who are critical thinkers and effective problem solvers, with the ability to ask and act upon higher order questions.


Our PBL themes are:

  • Citizenship

  • Globalisation

  • Enterprise

  • Sustainability


Underpinning the curriculum areas are five key competencies:

  • Thinking

  • Understanding language, symbols and texts

  • Relating to others

  • Managing self

  • Participating and contributing