EBIS has a school uniform which we want our students to wear with pride.

It is important for students to wear the correct uniform both for their own sense of wellbeing and to look smart out in the community as it reflects well on the school. We ask that parents ensure that students wear the correct uniform to school each day and send a note if there is some reason that they are unable to. We are currently in the process of updating parts of the uniform: the long sleeve polar fleece, the polo shirt and PE shirt. As the old stock runs out the new stock will be brought in.

In 2018 the Board approved a new school logo. These will be gradually phased in as the old uniform sells out. We envisage over the next couple of years that our EBIS children will be in a mix of old and new uniform, so there is no immediate pressure to purchase the new pieces.

Our EBIS uniform is made up of: EBIS polo shirt

  • EBIS shorts

  • EBIS long pants

  • EBIS long sleeved polar fleece

  • EBIS PE shirt

  • Ankle socks – black

Other items which may be worn are:

  • Long sleeved black polyprops (winter) under their polo shirts

  • Watch

  • Simple studs

  • Black or EBIS blue head bands

  • Black or EBIS blue beanies – worn outside only

  • Black or EBIS blue caps or sunhats – worn outside only

Our students come from different ethnic backgrounds and different religious groups. Students can therefore wear such things as a cross, pounamu, or black or EBIS blue head scarf with their uniforms.

The following items students are asked not to wear:

  • Hoodies

  • Makeup

  • Nail polish

  • Leggings, tights, or knee high socks

  • Necklaces, earrings, bracelets

  • Extreme permanent hair colour i.e. red, yellow, blue, green, pink

At our end of term discos and on mufti days, students have the opportunity to wear all the things that they love to wear.

The school uniform can be purchased at:

NZ Uniforms, 167 Thorndon Quay, Wellington, Phone (04) 238-4727


Mufti Days

Mufti days occur once a month with the date being listed in the school calendar. Students wishing to wear mufti need to bring $2 to their class teacher on mufti day. Should your child not want to wear mufti they must come to school in their school uniform.