Merit Badges


Evans Bay Intermediate School has a Merit Badge system which recognises the outstanding academic, social and sporting achievements of the students.

Your child may have received a EBIS Yellow Slips for: classroom achievement, sports, cultural, school values or citizenship. These Slips need to be kept so that over time, they can collectively go towards earning a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award merit badge.

Merits are given to children as they meet the set criteria. Copies of the criteria are kept by classroom teachers.

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After a child has earned a Bronze Merit Badge they have the opportunity to earn a Silver Merit Badge and then go on to earn the ultimate Gold Merit Badge. For each successive badge they need to receive a further 12 certificates in the combination above.



It is not expected that all students will receive a merit badge, but it is certainly within all student’s reach if they fully participate in school life and take the opportunities presented to them.

The merit badges are awarded at special school assemblies. Parents are invited to attend to help honour their child’s success.


More Than just Bronze, silver and gold

Yellow Slips aren’t the only way to earn merits. While aiming for excellence in the Gold Award, students are able to don merits from different activities and opportunities they take part in.

Students are able to collect merit badges for a lot of extra-curricular activities at school; sports they play, cultural activities they are involved in, competition finals, etc.