Why BYOD at Evans Bay Intermediate School?

In order to support “Akonga engaged on a voyage to success,” Evans Bay Intermediate is committed to developing digital knowledge and citizenship to support the learning programme.

In The New Zealand Curriculum, digital technologies became recognised as an integral part of learning since the beginning of 2018, notably under the technology area. As a school we are moving towards greater integration of digital technologies where appropriate across the curriculum. This enables students to learn, create, share and collaborate in an authentic way at any time.


Benefits for the Students:

Students having their own device at school enables them to access these technologies whenever required, without having to rely on the availability of working school devices. In combination with the digital citizenship programme that is being implemented in 2019, this will help students develop skills and strategies for safely exploring and interacting with an online environment.

We are moving towards giving our students more agency with their learning and having their own device will assist them in accessing the material to show their progress and for the school to be able to report in real time.

All students at Evans Bay Intermediate are provided with a Google account, which includes Mail, Drive (including Docs, Sheets & Slides - all platforms that teachers use to engage students) and Calendar. Their account credentials are used to access our filtered wi-fi through their user authentication.

What device should students have:

We recognise that students are only at Evans Bay Intermediate for 2 years so parents should also take into account any requirements that secondary schools may have if buying a brand new device.

BYOD Devices for use at Evans Bay Intermediate should have:

  • A screen greater than 10”

  • Be WIFI capable (recommend WiFI N minimum)

  • A working battery with a rated 6 hour use

  • A keyboard (can be portable/bluetooth)

  • Up to date operating system and antivirus software

  • Must be able to run Google Chrome

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 10.25.17 AM.png


Cellphones can be useful for on the spot learning or recording of learning but have a higher risk during use as the cellular network bypasses the firewalls and content filters that Evans Bay Intermediate has set up.

Students are expected to hand in their phones to the teacher at the beginning of the day which will be locked away in a secure cupboard. Teachers can give permission for students to use these devices during the day for specific learning activities.

By completing the Evans Bay Intermediate Digital Citizenship programme, students can earn the right to have access to these devices during the school day.


DIgital CItizenship and Responsible Use Agreement

Evans Bay Intermediate has a Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) that students and parents are expected to read, sign and return to the school. This document details the schools expectations for the use of devices at school and how students should act online.

Evans Bay Intermediate School also provides a programme for teaching students how to use devices and the internet in a safe way. By completing this programme students will earn the right to have more responsibility for when they can use their devices during the school day.

If students require behaviour management for ICT reasons they will be required to repeat parts of the Digital citizenship programme in order to earn device privileges back.