Enrichment Programme


Extension and Empowerment Programmes

EBIS is committed to meeting the needs of students both the ‘gifted and talented’ and those interested in ‘empowerment’. By using a number of identification processes, students with particular abilities or talents are identified for inclusion in extension classes.

Students with particular interests or needs are also supported through empowerment programmes such as those with English as a second language ESOL. These students are supported by the class teacher and teacher aides. Other empowerment programmes are run during the year either for the full year or in blocks of time by staff.


Extension & Empowerment Programmes:


The Arts and Culture

  • Choir

  • Orchestra

  • School Band

  • Ākauwaiata - fusion group

  • Dance Groups

  • Production/Extravaganza

  • Toitoi

  • Creative Writing NZ

  • Wellington NIWA Science Fair

  • Coding Club

  • Epro8

  • Kids Lit Quiz



  • Science extension

  • Writing extension

  • Mathematics extension

  • Visual Art extension

  • Food Technology extension

  • Design Technology extension

  • Music extension

  • Samoan Language extension

  • Te Reo Māori extension

  • Otago Maths Challenge

  • Student Leadership Programme



  • AIMS Games

  • Inter-Intermdiate

    • Athletics

    • Hockey

    • Basketball

    • Netball

    • Rugby

    • Volleyball

    • Cross-Country

    • Football

    • Softball



Camp and EOTC

Students at EBIS are offered a wide variety of programmes, many of which require visits outside the classroom. Most of these trips will involve some cost but parents will always be informed.

Our main event is our school camp which is held at the end of each odd year. During even years we hold an EOTC week, where for one week students complete activities as a syndicate in the Wellington Region. Some of the previous events involved Fergs Kayak and Rock Climbing; Matiu-Somes Island; Adrenaline Forest and The Amazing Race in the Wellington CBD.

EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom is intended to build student confidence and help establish strong friendships with peers.

Parents are welcome to assist syndicates on their day trips.

EOTC is intended to build student confidence and help establish strong friendships with peers.