Civil Emergency Plan


In the case of a Civil Emergency and it is necessary to evacuate, the map above shows the area where students and staff from EBIS will assemble. This will be the grass reserve on the corners of Wellington and Crawford Roads. Please practise different routes with your class during our drills throughout the year (There may be damage or restrictions to one route in the case of a real emergency).

If necessary, we will move students to the Badminton Hall on Ruahine St where we have access, along with water/food. Students will stay with staff at the hall until they are collected by a parent/caregiver or person nominated to collect the student. Staff will contact parents from the details provided. EBIS staff can be identified by the Hi Vis Fluro vests they will be wearing (In emergency backpack).

Each class has an emergency backpack that is used to take basic supplies and basic first aid equipment should it be needed for a short period of time.

If possible, medication held at the office for any student will be taken (By Joy & Suzanne). If students require anything special e.g. medication, other than that normally held at the office) or food allergies, it must be sent to school, individually named and given to the class teacher to place in the classroom backpack.