BYOD (Bring your own device)

Evans Bay Intermediate is provisioned for students to bring their own devices to school.

Devices for BYOD

The following are the considerations we ask you to take into account:

If you are purchasing a device for your child:

·         The device must have a keyboard.

·         The device must have a working battery with a minimum of 6 cells (i.e. 6 hours battery life).

·         It needs to be 802.11n or 802.11ac – wireless.

·         The device must be able to access and edit Google Documents

·         Ensure the device isn’t too heavy for your child to carry

·         Provide some protection for the device whilst being carried

·         Check with the College your child is going to as to what they require.

If your child has a device already we are happy for them to bring those if:

·         It is an Apple product  – less than 6 years old

·         Windows PC’s must either run Windows 8 or 10

·         iPads and tablets are fine

     We are not able to cater for Linux machines.

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